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Language of exchange studies: English

Language : English


  • Being a second course student of Finances, in autumn I decided that during the second semester I want to go to Greece for exchange studies. This university is in a city called Kavala, which is 170km from Greece second largest city Thessaloniki. The city is not that big – population is only 70 000, but it is next to the sea in the northeast of Greece. The university is not that big either, and every semester they receive only around 20 Erasmus+ students, but if you like to live in the south with a small group of people – this is the best place for your exchange semester. University administration and teachers are very open-minded and they help you however they can. In territory of the university there are all the faculties and dormitories. Local students will welcome you with pleasure and will be very friendly. If you go to this part of Greece, you will have a fantastic opportunity to travel around and see many beautiful places in Greece. Life in south is way different than in Latvia, but when you adapt to it – you start to enjoy it!

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