BA School of Business and Finance the only in the Baltic States has reacquired international certificate of excellence “Investors in Excellence” 


On March 31, 2015 BA School of Business and Finance repeatedly received the “Investors in Excellence” quality certificate as proof of the excellent organization. The certificate is granted by the quality assessors’ organization “Midlands Excellence” from Great Britain, represented in Latvia by the “Latvia Excellence” Ltd..

 Andris Sarnovičs, rector of BA School of Business and Finance: „”Investors in Excellence” Certificate is the proof that personnel of BA School of Business and Finance present successful team work, as well as ability to find a balance between quality system requirements and standards and the potential to use improvements provided by the certification process. We are really pleased to be the first and so far the only institution of higher education in Baltic States, to whom such a certificate of quality has  been awarded.”

BA School of Business and Finance started the process of obtaining the certificate in 2007, the certificate was awarded in 2010 and in 2015 the BASBF was re-certified for the third time. “Investors in Excellence” is the quality standard which is a next level after implementation of ISO 9001 quality standard. It is based on the world’s leading excellent business management models.

Žanna Jeliseva, the expert of British quality system certification organization “Investors in Excellence” Ltd: „Direction of quality development which was chosen by BA School of Business and Finance, it  already has followers in the field of higher education and we know that several educational institutions in Latvia are trying to gain the certificate. BA School of Business and Finance is a leader in implementation of “Investors in Excellence” standard. It is great that the higher education institution works in the field, which gives positive contribution to the future of Latvia.”

Re-certification of the quality standard is carried out every two years. It provides reliability of the certificate, as well as defines areas for improvement. It is planned that in 2017 BA School of Business and Finance will successfully accomplish re-certification of quality management system including Business College of BA School of Business and Finance (reorganized in February, 2015 and previously known as Riga Business College / Rīgas Uzņēmējdarbības koledža).

Over those years management system of BA School of Business and Finance has been improved considerably. The management system with adequate resources has been developed at BA School of Business and Finance consisting of mutually interrelated processes.  The compliance and benefit of each process at different levels is being measured and analysed.

BA School of Business and Finance provides an excellent financial and business education, providing high quality study process and research at all levels of study, as well as collaborates in the academic and professional level with industry leaders in Latvia and worldwide.

 Sanita Heinsberga