Terēze Labzova

Audit Manager  “PricewaterhouseCoopers” Ltd.

After the graduation of the bachelor’s study programme, thinking about post-graduate studies and evaluating the offer of higher education market in Latvia, I made a conclusion that the master’s study programme “Finance” provided by SBF was the most suitable for me. I combined post-graduate studies with work and obtaining my membership in the Association of Chartered and Certified Accountants. I must acknowledge that studies at SBF expanded my comprehension of terminology in Latvian and Latvia financial environment. Besides I had a unique opportunity to meet new people – fellow-students and teaching staff. That allowed me to reach the goal I had set entering SBF.

I completed my studies in 2008. However I had also other responsibilities at the same time. As I had to meet all deadlines I improved my time management skills. Studies in the master’s study programme “Finance” at BSF also helped me to pass successfully ACCA exam because in May 2009 having passed the exam successfully I became a member of the ACCA, furthermore I passed the final exams demonstrating the best result in Latvia and the 83rd result in the world. Membership in the ACCA was a pleasant present after giving birth to my son.