Alumni association

Mission of SBF Alumni Association

To build and maintain long-term relationship among graduates, BA School of Business and Finance, its students and other parties concerned and to be the strategic partner of BA School of Business and Finance in reaching its goals and the implementation of its vision and mission.

Vision of SBF Alumni Association

It is a prestigious organisation uniting SBF graduates and fostering the growth of SBF and its graduates both locally and internationally.

Objectives of SBF Alumni Association 2013 – 2018

Professional and business growth of alumni

  • Activities increasing competencies and extending education,
  • Cooperation network
  • Activities facilitating business and networking
  • Organising SBF Graduate Association Business Club to support both student and graduate business

Proactive SBF alumni

  • Regular information exchange with graduates
  • Informal events for SBFAA members and alumnis
  • Cooperation initiatives between SBF and alumnis
  • Creation and publication of graduate success stories

Support to SBF

  • Creation of start-up capital fund for the support of students’ new business ideas,
  • Attracting financing to provide scholarship for SBF students
  • Organising activities to facilitate cooperation between students and graduates
  • Involvement of graduates in the study programme improvement and the study process

SBFGAA activity development

  • Involving graduates in organising SBFAA activities,
  • Implementation of SBFAA member loyalty programme,
  • Cooperation with other alumni associations in Latvia and abroad.



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