International Business Week 2017


From March 27 to March 31 BA School of Business and Finance organized the annual “International Business Week”, which was held for the 9th year in a row. The International Business Week was represented by 13 partner universities from 9 countries – Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Poland, Finland and Germany. More than 100 students participated in the International Business Week, two sections were organized: “Marketing Week” and “Project Management Week”. The students were given assignments for which they had to develop solutions.

During the Marketing Week, the task was to develop marketing solutions for “Ķemeri National Park”, the students worked on the development for tourism possibilities in the park. They had to find out attractions that Ķemeri offers to tourists, as well as to fully understand the situation and the main challenges, the staff organized site tours for students. All students had the opportunity to look at the Great Ķemeri moorland, Kaņieru lake and the coastline, as well as to visit the natural education centre “Forest House”, where they could acquire all the necessary information to develop quality marketing solutions.

Students who participated in the Project Management Week had to develop a business plan for entering a new market for beer brewery “Labietis” or “Riga Black Balsam”. On March 28, students visited the brewery of Labietis and Latvian Balsam factory, where they were could get information on both companies and their future plans. Students were assigned a difficult task: they had to create plans for relatively small Latvian companies in order to enter international markets – and they managed to successfully complete their tasks.

At the end of the week, students, who were divided into mixed teams, presented their ideas and solutions, which were evaluated by an international jury as well as the representatives of the companies and other stakeholders.

The best marketing solutions for Ķemeri National Park were developed by the team “Awesome 6” and the team named “Team”. Ķemeri National Park representatives were very thankful for their work and praised the students for the developed ideas, which will be used in the future.

Project Management Week winners were the team of “The 4anda Ghost” (Latvia, Belgium, Poland and Germany), who made plans for Riga Black Balsam, while the best solutions for Labietis were developed by the team “The Strangers” (Latvia, Belgium, Germany and the Czech Republic). These teams developed the most original and efficient ideas, which were assessed by the jury and representatives from both companies.

BA School of Business and Finance is grateful to partner universities for successful cooperation.

Photo from International Business Week can be found here.