BA School of Business and Finance signs a memorandum


On November 3, BA School of Business and Finance and the Joint Stock Company “Development Finance Institution Altum” signed a cooperation agreement – memorandum. The memorandum confirms the commitment of both parties to build an even closer cooperation to achieve better results in the field of study, research, business promotion support, and business results that are in line with the interests of BA School of Business and Finance and “Altum”, using the resources and opportunities available for both parties.

The memorandum identifies social entrepreneurship, financial management, financial literacy, financial accessibility, business process management, business support efficiency issues, viability and growth factors for start-ups, as well as other areas of interest, as key areas for cooperation. Other activities like conferences, discussions, seminars and lectures and research-related activities, were put forward as the main forms of cooperation. The promotion of further education and professional development education capacity, as well as “Altum” participation in the updating and quality improvement of study programs at BA School of Business and Finance, should be emphasized as a particularly significant opportunity for cooperation. One important area of cooperation is the support for students by creating a scholarship fund, as well as a prize pool for research and study final work, stimulating excellence and promoting research.

When signing the memorandum, the rector of BA School of Business and Finance, professor Andris Sarnovics and the Chairman of the Board of Joint Stock Company “Development Finance Institution Altum”, Reinis Berziņs, emphasized that the process of creating the memorandum for even closer form of cooperation was simple and dynamic, because both involved parties agreed on the main tasks. This confirms that the cooperation between BA School of Business and Finance and “Altum” has been successful, which in turn is a good precondition for a qualitatively new level – a more systematic, more comprehensive and closer partnership.