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All full time and part time students who are not on their academic vacation, have successfully finished at least one study year at SBF and have been transferred to the next year, can apply for Erasmus+ studies or traineeships abroad. All students applying for Erasmus+ must have an average mark of 6 or above. Each student is allowed to go on Erasmus+ during each study cycle (1st level, Bachelor, Master, Doctor) unlimited number of times. Nevertheless, the total period of all mobilities within one study cycle cannot exceed 12 months (according to the Erasmus+ guidelines). Minimum period for exchange studies is 3 months, trimester or semester; minimum period for traineeships abroad is 2 months.

Students can apply for recent graduate traineeships, which have to be carried out within the first 12 months after graduating SBF (application and selection process must be done before graduation). Period of recent graduate traineeship in combination with the period spent on any of the Erasmus+ mobilities within the graduated study cycle in total cannot exceed 12 months (this applies to each study cycle separately).

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  • It was my very first Erasmus+ experience which I did in the lands where the houses are built of waffles and in the rivers pure chocolate is steadily flowing by – Belgium. I have spent five unforgettable months in the charming city of diamonds – Antwerp. I must say, early on it was not my priority choice but eventually I realized that I have made the right decision. In my estimation Erasmus+ is the only thing that opens up young people’s mindsets and demonstrates how much there is yet to discover, how easy it is to have strong ties with people from totally diverse cultures and backgrounds,  which in my own conceit are essential lessons to learn from a young age in these days globalized world.

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  •  The question is not “Should I go on Erasmus?” but “Where should I go?”. It is obvious that it is a lifetime opportunity. You will have a really rich semester/ year by learning about a new culture and meeting people from all over the world. You will have the feeling of achieving something else than your routine. Learn new languages, discovering new recipes, partying… And of course making friends! The great point with Erasmus is that you will have time to travel. The programmes are generally not that busy. Swedish Lapland, Spanish beaches, Latvian forests are now really close to you. But one of the best advantages with Erasmus is the international plan. After this experience, you can probably start an international career. An exchange semester shows that you are open minded and able to work in an intercultural environment. Plus, by meeting people, you will widen your international network. I am telling all those things as an old Erasmus student. I know all the benefits of this experience, and trust me, you won’t regret…

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  • As business nowadays reaches beyond your country borders, it is highly necessary to have an international experience. But as we know interning abroad might cost a lot of money. Erasmus+ programme and its grant gave me a real opportunity to carry out my international internship.

    As I chose to have my internship in France, it certainly took me out of my comfort zone because of the language barrier, but it gave me motivation to receive a level A2 international diploma in French language.  Working with local employees gave me cross-cultural skills, by understanding the different cultural norms and values.

    Erasmus+ recent graduate traineeship definitely gave me an opportunity to be more marketable to future employers.

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  • Labdien! My name is Giorgi Chagoshvili and I spent 8 months in Riga where I did my Erasmus+ traineeship. I can say that this experience made me improve not only as a professional but also as a personality! It inspired me to dream more and achieve more.  Besides living and working in beautiful Riga I loved the opportunity to travel across the Baltic States and explore different cities and places. During my internship I met lifelong friends from across the world and got connected with some of the most enthusiastic and motivated people. It provided me the chance to learn the ways of different cultures, people and countries to develop my communication skills, to broaden my vision of the world and to rediscover myself.  I had the opportunity to cooperate with very interesting and helpful colleagues from the Marketing Department Inta and Ginta and from the International office Aiga, Elmira and Zane. The internship exceeded my expectations!  So make a step forward and SAY YES to this amazing experience!

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  • Every single experience, whether it is related to your studies or not, is valuable and will consummate everything you will do further in life. Any involvement will develop you as exciting personality and your presence will be a pleasure for your course mates, colleagues and friends. This is my philosophy that clearly reflects my experience during Erasmus Exchange studies. I was very open minded to everything, therefore I tried to involve myself wherever I could. I love throwing myself out of the comfort zone, right where the magic of personality development happens. This experience made me double as friendly as I was and my fear limit has decreased significantly. Studies in Manchester opened my mind and allowed me to understand very precisely what I want to do further in my professional career. I definitely gained much bigger confidence and trust in myself. Also I’ve become more ambitious, that is to my humble opinion a personal trait of a high value. Thanks to that, during my exchange studies I was mentioned by one of my lecturers. She further suggested me to a company where I successfully did an internship after I submitted all the study assignments. I managed to start learning Chinese language, which I never expected of me to learn. I have understood how much pleasure volunteering may give to me, which I also did during my Erasmus. All my foreign friends have developed in me a healthy curiosity of their countries, cultures and traditions. It is amazing how different people are!

    When I returned home, I found an internship very fast right where I wanted and I made my childhood dream come true. Right now I could not be any more satisfied for what this experience gave to me. Everything is possible, if you reach for it!

    Thank you to my BA School of Business and Finance!

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  • The decision to go for Erasmus+ studies was the best thing that has happened to me. I went to an unknown country and traveled a lot, I got to know other cultures, I learned new things about myself and got amazing friends for life. Memories about this adventure will stay with me forever. It’s not possible to describe the emotions and feelings you get in this adventure of Erasmus+. You just have to try it on your own!

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Mobility documents

Before and after the mobility Erasmus+ participants must fill and sign a three-party Learning agreement for Studies or Traineeship.

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