Erasmus+ France

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More information about Erasmus+

Language of exchange studies: English

Language : English


  • Professors who read lectures at IPAG are from English speaking countries, and that’s why it is easy to understand thire clear language. IPAG’s student council frequently organizes events for all students and when the weather is warm they also organizes BBQs outside the uni. The learning process differs from Latvian techniques, it is more interesting, because many professors base their lecture materials on practical and rather than theoretical material.

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  • The university is located on Boulevard Saint-Germain which is one of the best areas in Paris where many of the most famous cafes are located, such as Les Deux Magots and Cafe de Flore. The school is very international because of many students from all around the world as well as professors from United Kingdom, America, Scotland, Korea and many other countries. Paris is a wonderful place to go for exchange studies because in addition to knowledge provided by the professors, there are unlimited possibilities which can never come to an end.

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  • As weird as it may sound, at the beginning of my mobility, I was not looking forward to spend five months in Paris due to various circumstances, but my views have changed. I am completely sure that Erasmus+ is an outstanding experience if you keep your eyes opened. I knew little about the school I was going to attend, but gradually discovered that the time spent there was the most academically rewarding period I have had in a long time. The subjects  I chose voluntarily and the professors’ approach of setting assignments, was a great motivation to put in efforts and gain knowledge in fields I had never previously been familiar with. Not only I feel proud of being able to sucessfully finish business studies in Paris, but I feel much more independent as I rented an apartment and lived on my own. During this five month period I have seen Paris from many different angles and am astonished that I actually had an opportunity to engage in. Only the best recommendations, because there is nothing to lose, but you will surely gain a lot in many ways.

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